Why use Espress Test?

Completing boiler inspections on coffee equipment is now the accepted normal for espresso engineers.

More operators are understanding the need for compliance and expect to obtain compliance from their regular engineering solution.

Our compliance solution is approached from an engineer point of view, we don’t try to teach an engineer to write a report so, there is no need to learn complicated or legally correct language. Our unique human interface between the engineers’ notes and the final report does that for you and irons out many of the inconsistencies between engineers’.


With no ongoing subscription charges, you only pay for what you use, there are no targets to meet and no limitations.

The Original

Espress Test were the first to offer this kind of compliance solution for the coffee industry.

Competent Engineers

Espress Test will only train and certify bonified coffee equipment engineers so you can be sure you’re in good company.

Industry Knowledge

Espress Test was born from the coffee industry. We understand the industry and the restrictions and difficulties that engineers and end users face every day. We’re also fans of great coffee.


Our methodology has always been to make it as easy as possible for the engineer and to ensure there is always 100% traceability throughout the entire process.


The Espress Test method allows the engineer to spend more time engineering, servicing more customers, (customer satisfaction) and increasing chargeable time (more company revenue.)



The whole process for the engineer can be completed on-site, without the need to log-in to fill out complex web forms. Because we complete the bulk of the clerical tasks the engineers’ valuable time is used efficiently.


We don’t teach or expect you to be a report writer – we do that for you from a straightforward notes sheet completed on-site. You will not need to design your own paperwork either, our ready to use paperwork pack gives all the documentation and reference material you may need.

National coverage with local knowledge.

Although our offices and training facilities are based in Cornwall, Espress Test’s reach is far and wide: National service companies, coffee distributors, machine suppliers and independent engineers from all over the UK work to our methods.

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