Espress Test was established in 2010

to provide a simple solution for operators of espresso machines to comply with safety regulations.

Why use Espress Test?

Our unique human interface between the engineers’ notes and the final report means there’s minimal admin for you: Saves your time and irons out many of the inconsistencies between engineers.

End Users

Find out about your compliance duties as an espresso machine operator

Engineer Resources

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ISO 9001 Certified

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company means that you can be sure that there is a repeatable processes to give a quality of service for customers that meets internationally recognised standards.

Welcome to Espress Test

Espress Test enables industry professionals to offer a safety compliance solution direct to their customers, by supplying them with the training and ongoing support services required to meet the approved code of practice of the Pressure System Safety Regulations.

Espress Test were the first industry specific experts to offer PSSR solutions to coffee engineering professionals.

Working withEspress Test

Completing boiler inspections on coffee equipment is now the accepted normal for espresso engineers. More operators are understanding the need for compliance and expect to obtain compliance from their regular engineering solution.


National Coveragewith Local Knowledge

National service companies, coffee distributors, machine suppliers and independent engineers from all over the UK work to our methods.

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